We provide everything you need for duplicate identification and recovery

Our solution is automatically updated on a daily basis with data from your accounts payable ledger(s). Duplicate identification reports are automatically generated to highlight the most likely invoices at risk of being paid in error. There is no software or hardware to install, so all you need is a browser to log-in & view the results.

Automated duplicate reports

Duplicate-Matching.com automatically generates duplicate reports based on your chosen criteria and prioritisation.

  • Configurable reports
  • Focus on most likely duplicates
  • Updated daily based on current data

Recovery worklists

Identify potential duplicates on current and historic data and manage claims process through to recovery using worklists.

  • Worklists with configurable actions
  • Prioritisation rules
  • Comprehensive reporting

Share information with suppliers

Options to provide supplier with a supplier portal view of the invoice data via Statement-Matching.com to reduce invoice status queries.

  • Share invoice status information
  • Messaging
  • Statement reconciliation

Cloud Computing

Your data is secure in the cloud. Single tenant model and all the security features that come from choosing Microsoft’s Azure Cloud Platform.

Are you ready to start identifying and recovering duplicate payments?

We’ll show how it works and explain what’s involved with setup.